2020 Retrospective with bonus tracks


“Let it be said at first, the man has a great voice.  And the guy knows how to make a record…tracks have a dramatic Spector-like drama that cries out for inclusion in movie soundtracks. This may be esoteric praise, but to the masses, Casey is the premier barroom troubadour of Eastern Long Island. That includes Montauk, the Hamptons, on up to Riverhead and any town with an Indian name. But there’s no doubt he would sweep the Sons of Herman Hall crowd in Dallas off their feet, not to mention the Broken Spoke in Austin…”
“(Gene Casey’s) songs about lyin’, dancin’, rainin’, cheatin’, dyin’, lovin’ ‘n’ leavin’ make it an album most of us can relate to, and when Gene lets his deep baritone loose, you’d swear the Man in Black himself just walked in the joint Bottom line: this album is as American as you can get.”
“I’d put Gene Casey against any national act you can name. He’s that good,” said Howard Thompson, a former talent scout for record labels and music director at WPKN radio in Bridgeport, Conn. “I think Long Island really should know that they have someone very special in their midst.”
Musical Director WPKN Bridgeport, NY
“(Gene Casey) has always stuck to his guns,” Mr. Prusslin said. “He continues to be someone who plays music as it was originally meant to be played — with his own spin on it.”“Starting in the late ’80s or so, I started to hear this buzz about this guy out east who was drawing all these crowds playing rockabilly, swing, R&B, traditional, country” he said. “For the past 27 years or so, Gene and his colleagues, The Lone Sharks, have been really serving as ambassadors to our Long Island community, … playing the music from the heart, and  … I think we are all very fortunate to be living on Long Island and to have Gene and his compatriots [entertain us] through his recordings, through his performances, through his sound track placement — clearly he is, has been and continues to be the real deal.”
WUSB, Long Island Music Hall of Fame
“(Gene Casey’s music is ) a rockabilly classic. Clear and true, and has the feel of those great AM analog hits that I used to turn up loud when I was crusin’ in my ’66 Fairlane.”
Long Island Music Hall of Fame
“He’s definitely one of those bands that’s created the musical fabric of Long Island”
Great South Bay Festival, Long Island Music Hall of Fame
“From a professional level, he and his band are just some of the best musicians around, not just the East End and Long Island but beyond,” said Bonnie Grice, WPPB broadcaster and host of “Bonnie in the Morning.” “[Gene Casey and the Lone Sharks] are like the East End’s Johnny Cash.””
WPPB Radio, Southampton, NY


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Photo Credit: David Benthal
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Photo Credit: Barbara Palumbo
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